At Maruichi Kuma quality leads the way

Like every industrial success story, quality forms the central character in Maruichi Kuma’s tale of unprecedented market growth.

Be it raw material selection, manufacturing or control on processes, every step contributes significantly to the overall product quality. Quality is ensured through a well-equipped lab and support staff including professionals from Japan.

Stringent checkpoints and quality controls across production stages.

Maruichi Kuma is ISO 9001-2015 certified company & processes are in adherence to customer specifications complemented by a series of checkpoints and controls at various production stages. Tests like raw material inspection, chemical compositions tests, online finishing stage inspections and pre-despatch checks are carried out religiously



At Maruichi Kuma, we have an ISO 9001 certification in place. We believe that success in the global automotive industry solely relies on supreme quality standards, expertise, technical innovation, and sustainable value throughout the entire supply chain.

Most preferred vendor for the automotive industry.

For the automotive industry, where the cleaner exhaust gas, extended life of exhaust, and superior corrosion resistance are a must, Maruichi Kuma is the preferred vendor for exhibiting an unparalleled quality commitment.

A Front-runner with in the Industry

A ceaseless devotion to international quality standards and the consistent production and supply of a world-class product line have made the company a front runner in the industrial arena of the country. Therefore, quality is the USP of Maruichi Kuma and is responsible for its progress over the years.